I dont understand what i-vault do?Can I put username or password in i-vault and then he will automaticlu login me to the some forum?
Whan I chose e-mail account I need to put some web address?Which address?Maybe hotmail address or something?
Login information:login to?login?password?What to fill?
Can somebody explain to me?I am sory becouse of this questions.I dont speak englesh good.So I have trouble with help file.


An example of what iVault can do for you by protecting your data is when you put in a Web card with the information such as Username, Password, and what site, it can then log you into that site automaticaly in Internet Explorer! It does this and much more. If you need anymore help please post back.

I understand now.But does it suport firefox or opera?I dont use IE since…We need for firefox… (L)

Somethings wrong.I first downloaded i-Vault then i try to get licence but when i give my name and e-mail address I recive this message errorCode=-4&errorItem=COUNTRY

what to do??


At the moment to my knowledge iVault only supports Internet Explorer. If you are having problems with your license key just apply for a new one HERE

Nothing again.I enter name and e-mail address and than click submit.Than the file with this note is downloaded errorCode=-4&errorItem=COUNTRY

what to do??? (B)

juhu treba mi pomoc!
please can you help me about that licence???

Hey Helen,

This forum is a user forum, and although the guys from Comodo hang out here a lot, queries of this nature should be emailed to support Please include any technical details that you feel may be relevant and, if possible, a screen shot of the error message.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:
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i send the problem message to comodo support but nobody respond???

Hi Helen,

In that Case I will register for you and send you a license key in a Personal Message that should work, if it doesn’t then I will just send you my key which will work because it works for me.

It works.Thank you!!!

Hi Hellon,

Wonderful, enjoy your new activated i-Vault software!!!

i have a same problem as helen1
i tried everything, but can not solve the problem.
anybody can help me??? ???

i think, that my area code is similar to helen1’s, it is Serbia (ex serbia & montenegro), maybe it is a reason???

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