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Hi everybody,

my testing environment is a small group consisting of 6 WindowsXP workstations and 2 redundant document gauntlet servers (non-Windows).

The CESM manual suggests that Windows Server 2003 is required to run a centralized solution. Are there any possibilities of installing the server onto a plain XP workstation? I’ve tried doing so but after the successful installation the database could not be connected with. A strange message appears. (I will post screenshot later, currently I’m out of office)

Workstations run .net 2.0 framework which has been upgraded from 1.1.
If I find some more time I will try with a clean installation of the .net framework.

But the overall question is: should CESM’s databases be able to run on plain workstations by design?
If so, what are the requirements?


i did it, probably i will do it again today, or tommorow it depends :slight_smile: (i have just woke up, it is saturday first completly free day since… i dont remember 88)) i remember that i had some small problems but i dont remember exactly what it was, so i will do it again and i will give you some info how i did it :slight_smile:

Hi, Tom.
CESM needs MS SQL Server pre-installed. And Yes, you can install CESM server on XP.

Quote from Release notes:

Software Requirements CESM Central Service computer 1. Windows 2003 Server SP1 x86, Windows XP SP2 x86, or Windows Vista x86 2. .NET Framework 2.0 3. MS SQL Server 2005 Express SP2 or higher.

P.S. XP SP3 is also available for CESM server installation

dchernyyakov, thanks for pointing this out.

To Comodo:
are there any plans to create an independant DB?

Due to our high security restrictions we must not use any product that interacts with 3rd party parts which are not part of the OS (except .net)


Actually I’m from COMODO.

For now we are not planning to create any own custom database, but we are going to expand set of data bases CESM is working with. Also it will be possible to use exiting network database to keep CESM data.

I beg your pardon. I had the avatars filtered and didn’t notice :slight_smile:

Thanks for that information. In that case I cannot use CESM.
But I’m sure that it’s worth a try for any “normal” company that doesn’t have such strict security policy than us. The manual looks interesting.

Thanks again.