Questions Re Stealth Mode, and Proxy Servers

A few questions.

1- Stealth mode does not prevent my IP address from being recorded and shared when web browsing - correct?

2- Can/will you recommend a free proxy server so that my IP address is not recorded and shared when browsing? 3- Are there any precautions I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance for all help, e-kath


Tor is pretty popular.

Don’t do anything illegal. :wink:

  1. Correct, It stealths your Ports (you’ll have to use a proxy/trust connect for hiding your IP)

  2. Tor; is a good alternative and free!
    there are others

  3. Not Really :slight_smile:

Oh! Trust Connect Is Free (Ad Supported)

Hope this helps


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I’ve been looking and looking and can’t seem to come up with the ‘education’ I’m looking for. And so I’m going the word of mouth route, here. My main concern with a proxy server is ease of use and reputability. And being aware of any industry wisdom.

You may ask any questions you may have;

we’ll try to answer all of them :smiley:


If you’re looking for ease of use, you can’t get much easier than the Tor Browser Bundle.

It comes with everything you need including a portable version of Firefox. (In fact, you can put the whole thing on a USB stick and take it with you. Nothing to install.)

After you unzip the files, all you need to do is double-click the Start Tor Browser.exe and it will do everything for you. It sets up and connects you to the proxy and opens the browser and you’re ready to go. There’s even a video on the page showing how easy it is.

All free anonymous proxies will be a bit slow, but the browser bundle connects quicker than other Tor methods I’ve used, so it’s actually quite usable.

HeffeD, I’ll check that one out. Many thanks…

Jacob, I found a TrustConnect by Comodo at Comodo TrustConnect - is this the one you were talking about? It has a 7-day free trial period. Is there another version/offer you know of that’s altogether free?

Please See here

there is a 10GB Limit I do believe (Not to sure)


Jake and HeffeD,

A final note of thanks to both of you.

I prefer Comodo products and ended up installing Comodo’s TrustConnect free version (not the free 7-day trial), as my first attempt at using a proxy. Will try Tor in the event TrustConnect is unsuccessful for my purposes. I’m noticing slightly slower response times mid-day but not enough to tear my hair out as I wait :slight_smile: , or to give up on it.

Installing the free version was tricky, especially during set-up… The link you provided, Jake, in your 1/10/11 01:59:44 reply, and all the info there, was invaluable. It made the difference between success and futiliy: between finding vs. not finding the free version to begin with, and between working around vs. throwing in the towel at the quirks of the system during set-up.

Again, THANKS :slight_smile: ! , e-kath

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Any other questions or issues you may have?