Questions on the submitting of files... [Resolved]

Regarding the “Submit Files” feature for CAVS Safelist file submission, along with HIPS, (and I might as well include the Comodo Firewall “Submit Files” as well)…

When a user chooses to Submit Files, is the whole program, of which the file is only a part of, being sent to Comodo? Or just the individual exe, com, DLL, etc.?

If a person is on a Dial-Up Internet connection (sad to say, but there are still quite a large number of them) - it could take forever to send the files in question.

After having ok’ing files to be sent to Comodo for analysis, later where would I look to find what files have been ok’ed to be sent? I.e., what files have been added to the Safelist file submission? And where do I go if I want to manually initiate sending them?



It is only the individual file which is sent to Comodo. The research team then analyse this file and find the program it comes from, which they can then test and to discover if it should go in the ‘safelist’ or ‘malware’ list.

You cannot see the list of safe files for two reasons: 1. Malware could then insert code into the list and add itself as safe; 2. Stop competitors viewing the list.
Also, there is no log of what you have sent.

Through CPF you can submit files by going to ‘security’>>‘task’>>‘Send files to comodo for analysis’.


Thank you Mike for clarifying that for me.


You’re welcome. Any more questions feel free to ask. :wink: