[QUESTIONS] On Comodo Unite features.

Hi Everyone.

I just spent the last 4 hours or so researching various VPN server/client type packages. Hamachi, OpenVPN, and Comodo Unite seem to be close to what I’m looking for in a program. I’m still new to this idea and I really can’t figure out if any of these program can do what I’m hoping for so I wanted to ask or post some features that I’m looking for and I’m wondering if you could tell me if Comodo Unite can handle such ideas.

Thanks in advance for any advice or information.

  1. Can I setup a centralized server (file server for example) that users when they VPN in are automatically connected to?

  2. Can I create user accounts with various permissions to access shared folders, network drives, etc…?

  3. Instead of giving users complete access to the desktop of my server is it possible for the screen to simply show the IM program and then maybe a list of the shared folders the user has access to?

The type of program I’m looking for would allow me to set accounts for my users . User ID, Password, Shared Folder access (Read Only, Read & Write, etc…) The ability to have my users login and play LAN based games as if they were at the same location on a true LAN, and not over the Internet. Hamachi and Comodo Unite seem to allow the playing of LAN games, but I don’t believe Hamachi has a built in IM and Comodo doesn’t seem to mention whether or not I can set folder shares and then create or modify accounts of users so I can set which users gain certain permissions to specific shared folders and files.

If anyone can let me know if all of the above is possible with Comodo Unite and if so, please tell me how to set shared folders I’d appreciate it.


first two questions ? hamachi. seriously.

1 - u can easy controll networks on hamachi from logmein account. 3 types of neetwork ( mesh, hub & gateway. ) as for u, hub will be best solutuion.

2 - best way too do it ( filesharing only ) it’s to set up a ftp server.

for this two questions, here is hamci manual ( LogMeIn Hamachi User Guide

for this, you can try wwippien.

but i havee to say, there is no free of charge software you are looking for. 1&2 … premium version of hamachi. because as far i can tell, there is no way too set up a diferent networks type over comodo, or anny other vpn software.

  1. Set up your server to provide your shares, yeah… if that’s what you mean? Perhaps using FTP or Samba/Windows to make network shares like you would on a LAN then run Hamachi or whatever on your server.

  2. That’s part of your server, both Windows and Samba (linux) will do this, yes.

  3. You can set up VNC on your server (Windows and Linux) or RDP (Windows only). Although, I’m not sure why you would want to do this. If you’re using Windows clients and a Windows or Samba server, you can just put links to the shares on THEIR desktops.

The VPN softwares you mentioned, all of them, just make it so computers that are not on a LAN appear to be on a LAN. So you can do whatever you would be able to do through a LAN through the VPN software.
Shares and user access are going to be a part of your server its self, that’s not going to be dependent on your VPN.

Now, Hamachi’s PREMIUM server would do fine, yes. If you don’t mind a slight speed sacrifice (trust me, your internet connection is going to be a far greater bottleneck than the VPN), then it really doesn’t matter what kind of network you use with Hamachi.
Again, this is their PREMIUM service.

For a free route, yeah, use Comodo. Just be aware that Comodo seems to like having issues connecting (see other posts in the support section here).

openVPN… wow… if you’re brave. It’s not simple or straightforward at all. However, it does let you make your own VPN network. As in, you own it, all of it.

So, hope that helps