Questions/Help with Game Mode


Long time user of Comodo Firewall (free), though I’ve never delved too deep into the settings nor fully understood all the capabilities of the software.

Alright so I’ve searched the forum and read many, many threads regarding Game Mode. From what I understand (and previously assumed) it’s undesirable to leave on and it is common to forget to disable it after using it (something I do far too frequently). According to users in other threads, a change to the Comodo icon to show Game Mode is active doesn’t seem likely. However, many threads have users suggesting that rules be put in place before opening a game thus removing the need for Game Mode.

My question is: How exactly do you know what rules a game will need?

-If the game needs to connect online it requires Internet access and often DNS Client access.
-Games often ask for Keyboard/Mouse access, and some will not run properly without it.
-Games often need to access another file to run the game, esp. in the case of Steam or games with Launchers.
-Games with launchers often ask for explorer access, but isn’t required and only used for displaying notices.
-Games that open in launchers are rarely a problem as most of the configuration comes up before the game opens in full screen.
-Often security software within a game will make a few to several dozen requests of its own, usually regarding programs in memory or registry keys.

When games can be run in windowed mode there’s no need to fear, but many games I’ve played don’t have a windowed option and unless I use game mode, will consistently cause my computer to hang.

I may be misunderstanding what the people are suggesting, but is it just trial and error? Set the common rules and then hope your computer doesn’t hang when you start up the game? Is there a specific rule you can set for every game that will prevent it from hanging when run in full screen, without generically allowing everything (like training mode)?

Any advice would be appreciated.;msg591084#msg591084

Games will run.
This rule set gives all rights that “any” game could need. But its better than “trainingsmode for the whole machine”, or game mode which has to be disabled and enabled and disabled.

Hope that helps

Usually it will then go like this:
Explorer exe tries to start game. Allow.
Game tries to (something). Choose the rule that you made “game”/or “online game”. Remember my answer. Play. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion/fix. I just briefly tried it out with 3 games that hung without Game mode. So far no problems at all, able to start, play, minimize and quit the games without any issue.

Use it for games only. Safe games. No experiments :wink: