Questions for v3.0.14.276

Hello and thnx for this great Firewall/HIPS (:CLP)

I have some questions.

  1. Attack Detection is not activated? Protocol Analysis is not logging any packets at all…
  2. Firewall not logging delayed RST packets any more? (maybe a little explanation on SPI please)
    3) I have deleted svchost.exe from my Firewall rules and CFP v3.0.14.276 is allowing DCHP without a prompt even if I don’t have a trusted network.

I’m using Windows XP SP2 (32bit) and firewall Rules are on Block All Incoming Connections mode and Firewall Security Level on Custom Policy Mode…

Edit: I didn’t noticed before that the Group “Windows Updater Applications” was including scvhost.exe in the firewall network policy rules.