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I would like to know if the CPF have Stateful Inspection for TCP/UDP/ICMP?
What protection CPF offers for Wireless users?

I already see, on the Wilders Security forum, that you are working hard to put the memory usage with 1 digit only! That will be great, but don’t forget to also reduce the CPU usage as possible…

And please, don’t add features that doesn’t belong to a Firewall, like ZA and Outpost when they add the spyware detection and remove… This is part of the AntiVirus…
The Firewall is only to filter the network traffic!



CPF performs FULL stateful inspection on TCP/UDP protocols i.e. it keeps states of each TCP/UDP connection(syn/ack numbers) and limited state keeping for other IP protocols like icmp/ftp etc. This is performed in the network monitor part, which is also responsible for the defense against spoofing, DOS, port scanning attacks.

The network monitor is actually a standalone stateful inspection firewall that can be used to protect a smal or medium sized network when installed on a gateway PC.

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Thanks for the explanations, Egemen :slight_smile:

I will try the next release…


egemen or Melih,

Did you know when this will be made?

I can’t check this because of the InstallShield problem, so I’m waiting and very anxious to try it and if everything goes well, use it… :wink:

We are aiming a for a major release for early July. this will have new installer, reduced memory and some new Innovative way of fighthing phishing and protecting you against phishing and spyware for financial transactions :wink: (don’t hold us to the date though :slight_smile: )


OK, Melih :slight_smile:

I will wait… :wink:


I’m taking it that this is the Q&A section of the forum so here goes my question:

How do I make CPF work for other users on this computer? Because I’m the primary user on this computer, I tend to have a lot of things going on at one time. When my girlfriend wants to get on the computer, I just press the Windows Key+L so that I stay logged in and she can open her own profile. Unfortunately, now that I have CPF installed, she doesn’t have protection. At least, that’s what I’m led to believe from the message, “[user] is currently using Comodo Personal Firewall at this time. Only one user may use this service at a time. Please wait for [user] to log off”

Unfortunateley CPF does not work with this set up at the moment, but there will be an update later on so that CPF will work fine this way.

Currently you will need to log off an account for other accounts to have protection.


PS for a Q & A it’s better to create a new topic on the forums than use someone else’s post.