questions and recuest for help on setting up the firewall the right way for me.

wel it was kinda a along topic i am sorry for that but wat i nead help with it is this
i got 2 computers 1 is storage and 1 is a user computer.

wat i want is to be able to sett up my firrewall so it alows for trafic freely betwin this 2 computer so i can shear all my drives to the user computer. but only the user computer computer.
and haw normal settigns fore the rest of the sytem … and it is preferd that i get this don thru a mac adrress and not the ip so if i move networks or ruter it wont be afected.

it there a way to make this posible ?

i haw been tying my self and well i cant see to get it working …

anny one out there that can help me out ?


Hey Galtron,

Have you tried to ask help in the Norway forum part?
Try to use the net dos command to get firewall rule pop-ups.