questions about V-Smart Extended option [Resolved]

hi all,

I just installed the new updated version for CFP 3.0

in the wizard setup process I was given an option for if I wanted V-Smart Extended warranty
which it says removes viruses, malware, Roolkits and so on if one was to become infected.
I clicked Tell Me More but it launched a webpage that came up blank since i had my internet connection disconnected while installing the firewall. So i chose no for V-Smart extended Warranty.

so can some one give me a basic run down regarding this new feature for the firewall called V-Smart Extended warranty and is it free?




From the help file:

STEP 12: A-VSMART Warranty.
Installation of the is now complete. All users are now offered the opportunity to purchase a Comodo A-SMART warranty. The warranty comes in two flavors:

A-VSMART warranty alone ($79 per year). In the event of infection by viruses or malware, Comodo experts will remotely clean your system using a range of specialist security tools before reconfiguring your computer for maximum security. This warranty enables 2 such incidents per year.

A-VSMART warranty PLUS Expert installation. ($119 per year). This is the same incident based remediation service as above PLUS we will clean your system of malware and professionally install and configure this firewall so that you enjoy maximum protection from day one.


ah cool. thanks for that Mike :■■■■

I chose no for that even though i didn’t know what it was all about and it sounded like it was a paid for service which I won’t need, I can clean up my PC if it ever gets any malware etc on it
and so far there is none on it which is good :slight_smile:

anyway thank you for the info regrading V-Smart extended warranty option, much appreciated :slight_smile:



Indeed, this AVSMART Warranty is great for people who don’t know how to deal with malware nor have time to deal with malware!

Its a way of removing malware from your list of worries! It uses Comodo experts to do the dirty work for you!


yep thats defintely good for those who need it especially in coperate enviroment PC’s

oh one thing the block all unknown or might be known requests when app is closed is working back in this new version for me. so nice one am pleased with that