Questions about upcoming features

I haven’t tried Comodo yet, but I’ve been following various threads here and at other forums about it. It seems that a few issues are currently being addressed, and I’m curious as to the approximate timeline as to when they will likely be incorporated.

For example, I’ve heard that Comodo personal firewall currently uses more memory than what most users would prefer, and that this is being addressed. I’ve also heard that CPF does not have a system tray icon for the firewall, but rather currently uses a “Launch Pad” that many users don’t seem to prefer very much…but that this is being addressed as well.

So my questions are, when can users expect the memory and/or CPU consumption to be lowered…and when will the product allow for or incorporate a system tray icon for the firewall only (without requiring while presenting the option not to include the “Launch Pad”)?

Thanks, I look forward to trying Comodo in the future…especially once these issues have been addressed.


Hi and welcome,

The current beta (version 2.3) already has the reduced memory and CPU, and a new (and final) beta next week makes a slight change with the GUI giving a massive resource reduction. This will be a stable release soon (I think about two weeks).

I’m not sure when Launch Pad will change, but it will be an optional install.

Welcome to Comodo,

Hi, and thanks for the welcome, Mike. ;D

That all sounds really good. I’m looking forward to reading and learning more about this firewall…and hopefully will be giving it a try myself here very soon (especially once the new version is out of beta and the Launch Pad has become “optional” rather than mandatory).

Just a quick follow-up: I’m behind a hardware firewall. I’m not using the router portion currently, but how difficult or easy is it for Comodo to properly configure itself behind a NAT+SPI hardware firewall/router? I’m wanting to replace Windows XP-SP2’s firewall with something better for outbound filtering, and think that Comodo might compliment the hardware firewall well. What do you think?

Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF) is ideal in the circumstance you’ve described. The firewall in your router, assuming its set up correctly, is watching your perimeter, but the interior of your LAN is sitting there unprotected (even with WinXPs firewall enabled). CPFs application, component and network monitors provide a multilayered approach that simply can’t be beat.

Give it a go - we’d love to hear your thoughts when you’ve done so.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen,

Thanks for the reply…I’m sure I’ll be giving Comodo a whirl here fairly soon. ;D

Seems like I read somewhere recently that the latest version is due out of beta sometime this week ( ???), and that either it OR the “newest beta” (not sure of the version) has lowered the memory usage substantially. As for the Launch Pad being replaced with a standalone firewall with icon for the sytem tray, any word on when that should be expected?


There will be another beta first this week then next week (hopefully) it will become a stable release. There will be a massive memory reduction due to changes in the way the GUI is displayed, without any noticeable changes.

No news on LaunchPad though.


Thanks again, Mike, that is truly good news to hear. Congrats and best of luck…here’s hoping for a “stable” release in the very near future. ;D

RE: the “Launch Pad”. It seems that most users (including myself) would like the OPTION during install as to whether or not to include or not include the Launch Pad. But from what I’ve read, the Launch Pad can be “disabled” and the firewall still works…it’s just that there is no “icon” for the system tray! I’m sure paranoid users like myself and others just like seeing that little icon in the sys tray cause we can rest a lot easier just knowing that what SHOULD be running IS actually running. :smiley:

Hopefully that will be incoprorated soon, though, and best of luck!



Your welcome, :wink: and yes, you can disable LauchPad and put a shortcut on your desktop to CPF if you want to open it, but this may increase the risk of CPF crashing, but I don’t think anyone who has done has had a problem.

LaunchPad will be made a user defined option on install, but I don’t know when.