questions about trojan/backdoors

hello there. my question is this: if i become victim of a backdoor, for example opening a .exe received by a fake email, and someone then starts control evrything i do in remote, there will be any chance to notice that? will antivirus/spiware notice that, or i will be forever controlled without can do anything?

For that guy to be able to remote control your PC you should ignore AV red alert at opening attachment, then some D+ red/yellow alerts (and/or completely ignore Sandbox option) when that exe want’s to install/do something on your HDD then some firewall alerts when that malware wants to made outbound connections or receive inbound traffic.

If you really manage to ignore all those warnings then you’re doomed. ;D

yes ok but question was…assume that i have no type of protection when i did it, after that there is a way to control if the system is ok or no? :smiley:

Ah, so you say that you’re already infected and then you’ve installed CIS?
Then you should see all those alerts when that malware is trying to communicate/do something. Of course only if CIS is not in Training mode. :smiley:

uhm then the fact that i didnt received any strange alert (only known programs) means im safe? pew

p.s. i dont think i ever opened an attachment, was only tryng to understand if there is a way to manage the situation just in case i was :smiley: malware bytes/superantispyware/spybot/avg didnt find a single infection apart a trojan generix18.zde istantly removed

All the unkonw programs will be appear in the sandbox, if you don’t extract something from the sandbox you will be safe. as you say if you only received alerts from known programs don’t worry.

In case of doubt follow What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 and post back the result in the Malware Removal Assistance board as instructed.