Questions About Secure Shopping

I have COMODO AV & I installed Secure Shopping separately. Will Secure Shopping update itself when needed? Sorry to ask this question again but how do I configure Secure Shopping since I installed it separately?

I’ve never installed it separately that way, but does it not now show under CIS > Advanced Settings > Advanced Protection?

What happens if you click on CSS in Tasks > General Tasks in CIS?

Hi Protected_PC,
If CSS is installed with CIS, then CIS will update and if only CSS is present in system without CIS, then CSS will update itself.

Regarding configuring, only support CIS provides is auto launch of CSS if any given URL as defined in Secure Shopping section of CIS is browsed.


Thanks for the reply. How do I configure CSS since I didn’t install it w/ CIS?

When you install CSS, you have a shortcut, launch CSS using that and browse under protected environment.

That’s pretty much to it, providing a very safe environment for browsing where e.g. screen capture and keyloggers can’t have access to your data.

I’m having trouble finding that section. Can you please provide me a step by step of how to get to the CSS settings please?

I think you can only change settings of CSS when you have CIS installed. It’s not spectacular what can be set anyway: Comodo Internet Security Secure Shopping, Online Banking, Virtual Environment | Comodo .

CSS is a no frills application that does what it needs to do.

Thanks EricJH,
Just remember one thing, if you have not installed CSS with CIS, then it won’t list in CIS interface.
you have option to install CSS under “General Tasks” section as described in: