Questions about notification about new Comodo version

I turned on my PC today and soon after the Windows start next to the PC clock in the tray it appeared a new symbol and the popup said that there is a new version of Comodo and for details click here.
Ok, but this symbol disappeared in some seconds 88)

Here some questions:
0. Can I modify the way Comodo notifys me about new version? E.g. to display another notification? Or to change the the time the notofocation is shown?

  1. So , what will be if someone doesnt see this popup when it comes?
  2. Shall I be notified about the new version again?
  3. When I will be notified again?
  4. In which intervall is the new notifocation?
  5. It is possible to set up Comodo to install automaticlly the new versions?

noone knows about the update configuration??? :-\

No, there isn’t a way to adjust the length of time you’ll see the popup.

Yes it will pop up again, I don’t know how often. I’m guessing at least every time you turn on your computer.

No, you can’t set up CIS to automatically download the new version.