questions about installing in a sandbox

  1. will the programs be fully functional?
  2. after testing a program, is the sandbox automatically cleared or is a sandboxed deinstall required?
    Or is it enough to clear that entry from the D+ menu? It hopefully is then completely erased,
    without leaving races in the real registry?!
  3. is there some whitelisting possibility? I don´t want Wordpad to open RTFs in a sandbox. :smiley:

you cant install programs in the comodo sandbox

Then why there´s an option to recognize installers? If i leave it off, aren´t all installations in that mode sandboxed? There is an option, “run this program in a sandbox”, together with the mentioned option it wouldn´t make much sense, if at least simple installations were impossible.

its an auto sandboxer not like sandboxie its meant to catch malware and isolate it from the computer so it cant harm it. it has that option for like rogues and other bad installers. if a rogue is trying to install the sandbox will catch it then usually the rogue crashes.

try reading this and if you still have questions post them

Yeah, ok, i read it. It still sounds quite useful. Thank you!

it is extremely useful especially at catching zero day malware. the sandbox is basically an automated defense + it suppresses defense + a lot but not at the cost of security