Questions about (free proxys) offers free proxys to hide you while surfing the net. Basically I wanted to know if people use any proxys from the site and if they are trusted. I figured one of our great Comodo staff members might be able to tell me if I can trust them, maybe from past experience. I would love to get the comodo proxy service but tbh I really can’t afford much… :-[

My ISP provides a Proxy service, Maybe your’s might too?

Nope unfortunately they dont, I just called…

Thats a shame. + Are you looking for free only ? or maybe paid?
And if you don’t mind me asking, Whats the reason for you to use a proxy? (You don’t have to answer)

Trust Connect is now fully free ;D

You wanted Trustconnect and wanted it for free!..Well…

Never used a proxy or saw the need to.

I’ve used proxy several times (many proxies are listed daily on the Internet): i prefer using proxy if i have to catch “English” or “Nation” only pages.

yes i tried it and proxy servers too both working but i have doubt about security O0