Questions about Comodo

  1. Does it use Cloud Technology to Detect Threats? Extra Protection

  2. Why didnt you make Pop-Up at only “Elevated Privileges” and just Block at Malware Activity :-TU

  3. Why don’t you create a LINK SCANNER. That would be great Protection. Showing of COMMUNITY rating about sites. :-TU

  4. Does Comodo support Skins like Kaspersky?

  5. Why do Comodo deny whitelisting of Popluar games like World of Warcraft? !ot!

  6. What will be made in 4.1?

  7. Does setting up MAX in Heuristics give more False Positives in Comodo?

  8. How often do you update your Anti-Virus Definitions?

  9. Do you have Blacklisting of Malicous Sites?

  10. If you are NOT using Cloud Scanning in Comodo Why not Implent “Comodo Cloud Scanner” into Comodo Internet Security Free?


  1. Something similar.
  2. The sandbox is useless, and this alerts too, all programs run in admin…
  3. The dns can be used like this, but comodo dont care about protections
  4. yes
  5. Can make some overflow into a exploit, but it de-protect anti-cheat, u can hack the games as u want, like garena.
  6. Nothing.
  7. no and Do not give better protections.
  8. via internet explorer [at]
  9. No
  10. Still beta … and stay life beta .