Questions about COMODO Mobile Security v3.2.2804

Hello, updated mobile antivirus software to the latest version, the question arose, there appeared a new feature with call blocking.
Every time I get a call familiar number, is displayed on the message block number.
Can I disable this notification? I understand if the message pop up on an unfamiliar number, and then permanently on those numbers, because of my contacts.
And another question, why in the upper right corner, clicking on the Google Play icon nothing happens?

That icon seems to be working now (it wasn’t the other day). I had no idea what this icon was (red dot on “play” button) but pressing on it now takes you to random Google apps ???. Very odd behaviour for a security app.


It seems to me that this icon in antivirus is not needed at all:)
Let’s see what will hereinafter in new versions.
Green icon is better!

I would like to know it’s purpose in CMS. For me, it always seems to take me to Flappy Fish (and I don’t even play mobile games). Is CMS monitoring my activity on my mobile and it’s Comodo’s way of telling me to lighten up ;D.

As you say, time will tell…