Questions about Comodo Firewall Pro v3.0...

Through many reviews and firewall tests, I have to say that I’m very impressed with Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0. While I’m currently using McAfee Internet Security, I’m planning to use Comodo Firewall instead. However, I’d like to get some answers for some questions regarding the firewall.

1.) I did try using Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 once, but my experience wasn’t all that impressive. While I love the firewall’s superb protection, when I just starting to use it, the firewall (with Defense+ in Training mode) seems to freeze my Window XP system (for a while) very often, especially when it tries to prompt me for further actions in each process. Does it behave that way? Is it normal? Any way to avoid it from freezing my computer, especially when prompting me for actions on new processes?

2.) Since the firewall is already so effective, is it okay to not have an antivirus in my computer? I know, having a antivirus is always better and more secure, but I’m slightly worried about the compatibility of other antivirus softwares with CFP 3.0, i.e. Avira AntiVir, avast! and McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (which I’m intending to use). Is McAfee VirusScan Enterprise or Avira AntiVir 100% compatible with CFP?

3.) Does CFP 3.0, in any possible way, slow down the Internet connection speed? I do understand that generally firewalls do affect the Internet speed, but does CFP slow down the Internet speed drastically? Well, I thought that since CFP is so particular about every running process, CFP might monitor (or scan) every single file downloaded from the Internet which may result in a drastic speed slowdown. Does it behave like that?

4.) CFP 3.0 launches what processes during system startup? My McAfee basically kills my computer with many startups, i.e. MpfService.exe, MSKSrvr.exe, MpfTray.exe, mscifapp.exe and some more. Other than that, some users posted in this forum that CFP 3.0 increases their boot time drastically, or in other words, slows down the system startup. However, my McAfee doesn’t slow down system startup that terribly. Does CFP slow down system startup?

That’s all, I guess… I hope you could help me in getting answers to these questions, because I’ve been wondering whether to switch to CFP 3.0 or not, despite having superb protection.

Thanks and, I appreciate you reading my post and helping me out.

Dont know that last time you tried Comodo but its far superior to McAfee. Just go to and you will see. Yes you still need an av. Avast for free or NOD32 are good choices. Avira gets along with Comodo but McAfee Enterprise has a firewall. There is a thread about that. Comodo doesnt slow down the internet cause it doesnt have web shield. Start up programs consist of cfp (the GUI) and cmdagent. They use far less resources then McAfee. Your start up all depnds on your system. Some get slow start some get fast start up. My pc boots up very fast but I only have about 6 things in my start up folder.

The last time I tried CFP 3.0 was several weeks ago, one or two versions behind the latest, current version. I don’t exactly know what was happening back then, but I can still remember that it froze my system pretty often, especially when it prompts me for further actions. Doesn’t it happen, I mean at least in the first few days (when Comodo is starting to write new application rules)? Well, that’s what seen in CNET’s user reviews, Some of these reviews say that CFP doesn’t remember application rules, even those set by the users themselves. Some even say that it’s hard to uninstall it. Does it behave like that?

I do hope Comodo will continue performing better, and more user-friendly. By being more open to these negative reviews, I hope CFP will be the best of the best in no time.

Anyway, any answer to my questions above?

Every software is going to have problems. Really, Who cares what users say about CFP 3? Don’t let them get to you like that… Everyone has their own opinion, It’s what is right for YOU.

1). Try “Safe Mode” and go through all your SAFE applications on your PC (the ones you use the most), and should be no problems. Use the latest CFP 3 version. “Training Mode” is for training apps and should only temporary.

2). You should still have an Anti-Virus. While there is an on-demand AV built in and gets updated (sigs), & the HIPS is also powerful (Defense+), It’s only prevention. You still need Detection, Avast! Home is a great choice.

  1. No it does not.

  2. cmdagent.exe (service and heart of CFP 3), & cfp.exe (Graphical User Interface).

Anything else, just ask. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply… Really appreciate it, really.

Perhaps what you said is right, anyway, there’s one more question I’d like to ask. I know Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 has an built-in virus scanning engine. Is it a full antivirus, and do they (Comodo) provide virus signature updates for the virus scanning feature in the firewall? I’d like to know more about the virus scanning feature in CFP. It only scans for common viruses and malwares, that’s all?

I’ve been looking for other antivirus, i.e. avast!, Avira AntiVir, ESET NOD32 and McAfee. I referred to many websites, like AV-Comparatives, but found out that Avira AntiVir seems to be the best ones. Just wondering, Avira AntiVir Personal Edition (Free) and the Premium ones have the same virus scanning engine, right? But I think it’s better with the malware and spyware detection too. Besides, I hate the popups in the Free edition. Any suggestion for any other antiviruses?

In my reply to you still need an av with Comodo. I use NOD32. Avast is good for a free edition. The scanner in Comodo is only on demand and provides no real time protection but is a good on demand scanner when you want to just check how clean your system is. The scanner updates upon launch but is still new and in development. Hope this helps.

You should install either Avast or Avira AV and SUPERAntiSpyware and run them both.

Prior to installing CFP3 I suggest you download and run CCleaner to remove any old registry entries then download the latest edition. Make sure all other applications are closed iincluding you AV and AntiSpyware.

Take the time to read all the help files and try to answer the permission requests properly. Refrain from using isolated or limited app as an answer in predefined policies.

Yep, Avast! SAS & CCleaner good choices.