Questions about CMS

Last year, I installed CMS, and I liked it, in special the SMS features of anti-theft functions. My phone already includes some anti-theft features, but they require it to be connected to internet, so the SMS functions looked like a perfect complement.

    Now I installed CMS on my mother's new phone, and found it looks very different... I discovered she has CMS 3.1.2302 plus Anti-Theft 3.1.2400, while I still have CMS 2.75 (and it seems to be all-in-one, no separate anti-theft module).

So, the questions:

1.- Does Anti-Theft 3.1 still support SMS functions?
2.- Why (or how to) my CMS 2.75 has not updated to the new version?
3.- Is it possible to set CMS 3 to Spanish language? I don’t have troubles using English, but my mother (like 99% of local population here) only speaks Spanish.
4.- Is it possible to uninstall CMS 3 and get CMS 2.75 instead? If SMS functions have been deprecated (I hope not, but if…), then I’d rather install the older version on her phone, or maybe remove something that would be doing the same thing the phone already can do.

1.Anti theft old version still support sms function but due to Android limitation you can not send hiden message so the pasword which send to stolen device it will be visible then thief can see your password. Therefore new anti theft has web control to manage device trough web page.

  1. The new CMS has been released for replace with old verison because We are going to provide totally new technology and new features competiable for new Android version. On the other hand we have provided sperat apps instead of one single suite. So user will use what ever they need.

3.We are going to support spanish language soon.

4.So far we did not update 2.7.5 therefore i recommend to use V3