Questions about Avast AV

I want to know when windows updates automatically downloads & installs updates, is scanned by FileShield or WebShield?

Avast’s default action is Quarantine - Delete - No Action. But I have seen in the forum here users reporting Avast presented alert on threat detection with only 2 options, Allow & Delete, no Quarantine was there. These alerts are only when users change the default quarantine to ask or with the defaults too? And why there was no option to quarantine the detected threat?


I would say both. I’ll try to remember to check the logs next time I do Windows Update with Avast.

Haven’t seen only allow/delete with avast5/6 but I do remember the rootkit scanner in 4.8 couldn’t quarantine.

The files are scanned by File Shield (once downloaded and saved in the disk).
The http traffic (Internet) is scanned by Web Shield.

Web Shield gives two alert types to block the connection.
Antirootikit gives also two, ignoring or deleting the rootkit.
File Shield gives three actions.

When there is no option to quarantine, generally we’re talking about Web or Net Shields.

Webshield only blocks the connection, right? It doesn’t quarantine like FileShield, right?

Why the Rootkit detection doesn’t provide quarantine? Dont you think in case of FP it is dangerous if the users are only provided with allow/delete & no quarantine? With quarantine the action can be reverted after some verification.