is the cmdm compatable with the iphone if not wondering why is it in the itunes store


Yes, CMDM - Comodo Mobile Device Management solution has both Android and IOS support.


k cause i tryed usin it and right away it gave me an error sayin my device wasent enrolled

any one have anything on how to fix the error “this device is not enrolled”

I don’t use ios, so I can’t offer you any assistance.

Hi Kane,

Comodo Mobile Device Manager -CMDM is an enterprise product with dedicated management server. You can not use applications without server. That is why you see you are not enrolled message. It is not an error…


ok how do i get it set up to a server or would i just need internet access for that

Hi Kane,

Since it is an enterprise product, it would not make sense to set up on your PC. If you want to try/use it for your company needs please let me know.

To give you more idea about what kind of product it is please visit below links.