I don’t know if this is where this post goes, because i am new here. But will BOClean Anti-Malware work if I have Norton Internet Security running? Or will they have a conflict and not alow my computer to start like a couple of months ago when i had 2 anti-viruses?

So it’s kinda the same. Kaspersky or Norton. You can try, but be prepared to face incompitabilities. (:WIN) :SMLR

But that case was about KAV flagging BOC for some reason, anyway it’s not usual. BOC is specially designed to work along with an AV at least. I use it with Avira with no problems, and nobody posted here about conflicts with Norton.

Hi traveler :slight_smile:

I know 2 people who have NIS together with CBOClean, and they never reported a problem.

Greetz, Red.

Because they already have too many problems with NIS ;D :smiley:

thanks for all the replys guys, i guys i am going to try it.

Good choice. :■■■■ (even better choice would be throw away NIS, like I did, but … (:LGH) )

Commodus :slight_smile:

I understand your opinion :wink: But you have to respect other peoples choices :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

i have already tried to get rid of NIS, but i relized i just bought a renewal, so i have to wait a year

Traveler :slight_smile:

I would never advise you to get rid of NIS :slight_smile: With NIS you have at least a decent FW and AV. And you have added CBOClean :slight_smile: Just take one step at a time, and try to learn how to improve your security. But remember that payed solutions don’t have to be better than the free one’s :wink:

Just one tip : Comodo has a great protection against Buffer Overflow attacks that you can add to your current security setup withought any worries :

Greetz, Red.

I do respect other people choices !!! :smiley: I respect everybody’s choices. And if NIS works fine it’s ok to have it. But you know - you learn with time (:LGH) whisper NO NORTON whisper