If I download the beta of Comodo antivirus should I turn off my antivirus to download it or leave it running? Just curious.

  1. Never have two active antivirus running together, this means trouble for your computer in many ways.

  2. You could download CAV and save it to your computer to test it for whenever you want to try it out, make sure the other antivirus is stopped or removed from your computer, I would say remove it to make sure there will be no problems.

I hope I understood you correctly, tell us how it goes.

u dun need to turn ur AV off wen u DOWNLOAD CAVS but wen u INSTAL and RUN CAVS, u need to turn the other AV off 4 sure.

Thank you for your input .

It is actually an interesting question, since an on-access scanner is supposed to scan what you download (I’m not sure how CAVS works here though). Anyway I think you should be able to download anything without CAVS causing any conflict (unless you’re downloading a virus that CAVS is detecting ;)).


Just downloading a second AV should not cause conflicts. However, you should (at the minimum) completely disable any active/on-access/real-time capabilities of the existing AV before installing the new one. If the on-access scanning will re-commence when you reboot, you will need to uninstall that AV entirely before installing the new one.


So Cowboy Rusty, do we have another CAVS user among us now? Or was it just curiosity? :slight_smile:


I’m going to be a CAVS user. (L)

Welcome to the family. :slight_smile:



Thank you.