Question with the Interviews from the project manager?

I was reading the interview from Comodo Manager.

And i read that the project manager said that the most important bit of a firewall is leaktests? I guess this is true.

But is Comodo only good in leaktests only? As he said Comodo is a leaktest firewall? ???

This is what the man giving the interview says: Comodo Firewall is known to pass all leaktests. Some people say, this is normal because it is only built to pass these tests. What do you say?

So Comodo is only built to pass leaktests??

Also a guys said that Comodo didn’t have strong CRC ??? This is for another firewall + strong MD5 control of applications initiating traffic (comodo uses weaker CRC)

Will Comodo V3 have better CRC and btw what is CRC is it important?

The CRC will be fixed in version 3, so don’t worry. Leak testing is not necessarily the most important aspect, it is to protect from malware’s outbound connection attempts.

Of course not…the firewall is built to protect you from all* threats out in the scary computer world

  • Well…the firewall is not protecting you if a maniac ran after you with a knife :wink:


Sure it does! Say you’re playing an online game (like Wolfenstein or something - if that even exists any more) and a maniac runs at you with a knife. You quickly set CFP to Block All… Voila!

Or at least, that’s the word on the streets… ;D


Unfortunately, that won’t be effective if the maniac with knife is the user. It has yet to protect the user from themselves. (S)

Maybe that should be a feature for V3. It could be called SuicideStop. Whenever CFP detects that the user is about to kill themselves, it randomly pops up access windows to distract the user and automatically uses IP Geolocation to notify the nearest looney bin.