question whether a java game website is infected

i dont wknow if im in the right forum thread

i found this java game website while surfing after or while i tried and played one of the game the pc just suddenly goes down

the game i was playing is a single player fps java applet game that uses keyboard for control my pc shutdown

after i press continue to go to the next level
(win X rounds by being the first to get N frags)

i am also thinking its just a coincidence but just wanted to verify it , i think you need to play it before it does anything suprising

virustotal url scan = clean
(homepage site)

(game page) = clean

site inspector (game page) = clean

What do you mean with the pc goes down?

the pc specificaly a laptop suddenly turned off and the plug is attached im also considering overheated

i havent tried playing on that site

super antispyware found an trojan infection after the next day not sure if its that website was surfing the net and a bit late

not sure if you need to play the game or just coinciedencely

This sounds to me like it’s probably due to overheating. However, it’s always possible there could be an infection.

To rule this out please follow the methods I suggest in How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected.

Please let us know what you find.

Thank you.

wasnt able to do the methods chiron asked since i forgot my admin pass 88)

but the infection i was talking about has already been clean by superantispyware

and seems to gone back to normal ( cfw number of intrusion)

ill do a full scan once i have time and probably change all my password :a0 (hopefully remembering them as well ;D)

btw i did this post to verify if the site or the java applet game has malware just for info so no one get victimised by it if it is indeed malicouse

The site itself looks clean. I checked it using the methods on this page.

URLVoid also showed no problems.

I suppose that does leave the possibility that a legitimate site was infected, but I find it more likely that it was overheating.

Let us know if anything else happens.


ok the scan is clean
looks like it is overheated

In case your computer is overheating open the computer and ■■■■ away the dust that is on the CPU heatsink.