Question : what's the difference between CFP 3.0 and the previous one [Resolved]

hi, sorry for this stupid question, can anybody give a simple explanation about the difference between my CFP and the new CFP beta?


The main things that users seem to like in V3 are;

Improved logging
Vastly more powerful HIPS
Decreased memory usage
Far more flexible rule creation
Ability to create port sets
Ability to use wildcards in rules
Native Vista support
64 bit processor support (XP and Vista)
Improved “safe” application list creation
Really pretty system tray icon

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I’m not aware of any reported bugs specifically relating to Win Media Centre.

2)as far as i know, HIPS function is monitoring applications and giving alert when an app's trying to run. so more powerful meaning....?

As well as determining whether or not an appliocation can start, the HIPS in CFP V3 allows you to individually tailor an applications access priveleges (access disks, access the screen, launch another application etc.). It also has a standard set of protected folders, files and registry settings, but you can add your own protected objects to its lists. Very comprehensive HIPS solution.

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What about the GUI; any particular reason why that wasn’t included? 88) ;D

If you are too concern about something bad happen to your pc with the current BETA, maybe you should wait till the final version. (:WIN)

No real reason, I was just focussing on core functional differences.

Please read the known bugs on the download post:

[quote author=Melih link=topic=11950.msg84479#msg84479 date=1187894613]
• CFP causes BSOD(SESSION_INITIALIZATION_FAILED) during booting if “Block all the unknown requests while the application is closed” option is selected in Defense+ Settings page.
• “What do these settings do?” items are not active
• Firewall Stealth Configuration wizard does not override the previously created global rules
• Diagnostics utility reports incorrect issues in Windows Vista