[Question] Version of CPF v3 without toolbar in installer?

I’ve looked over the website but I did not see any available downloads where I could download CPF v3 without the toolbar. I was hoping there would be something similar to what CCleaner does, offering a slim version without any toolbars in the installer. This is very useful for when I recommend to friends/colleagues to use CPF as a firewall.

So is there any link to download CPF without the toolbar?

There is a option within the installer to do just that d-load and just deselect the toolbar stuff its at the bottom of the install screen.

Yes, I know you can uncheck the option to install the toolbar; however some people tend to fly through the installers and get the toolbar when they do not want it. It’s also not very silent install friendly.

I am asking if there is a version available without the toolbar, just like CCleaner Slim.

sorry to say,nope. IMO, people should read before clicking away when installing something

Some installer will also install older vesions of programs on your computer if you are not careful.

hi Tarun (:WAV)
btw, you can put your suggestion on CFP wishlist here

Thanks, I posted the suggestion.

Is there any documentation on doing a silent install? I generally aim for installing the firewall itself, without leak protection, the toolbar or the AV Warranty. I’ve checked the wiki but didn’t find anything about silent install switches.

silent install? you mean you install the software in the middle of jungle at 00.00? 88) ;D
i don’t even know what silent install is. but of course you can install the basic firewall only. you’ll be given option to install “basic firewall only” upon installation.

J2897 has it right. :slight_smile:

So does anyone know?

Would prefer there be a toolbar-less installer, but oh well…

I suppose either no one knows or there isn’t any such method.