question to Melih: chrome vs firefox vs comodo browsers?

With respect to their new security manifesto, both Chrome & Firefox assure security at high level (but still there are many gaps)
And users who look for more security & protection, started to use extensions. for example, comodo antivirus extension is great :-TU but i cannot run fully on Mac because sandbox is only available for windows.

Question is which browser would bring more security to users? which one should i choose?
Please do not focus on “cool” user experience things here.

what does Melih use? is he using Chromed or Dragon or Ice Dragon?
or none of them? :frowning:

and i asked another question but no one answered yet:

I am sure all Comodo softwares are installed on Melih’s devices. But I cannot imagine anything what he uses.
I also wonder? Comodo employees use these browsers or Comodo products on their work & home machines. Their families use Comodo products?

If yes, it is predictable. If they do not use Comodo browsers or software example… the question is WHY?

Comodo Dragon!

Would you care to share which security related extensions you use on Dragon please?

I’m using Script Block, Ghostery, Flash Control, Vanilla Cookie Manager, and HTTPS Everywhere (yes there is some overlap there between Ghostery and Script Block).

Comodo Adblocker
IP/DNS leakager detector