Question to melih , answer please.

I know this may sound weird.

Im just one of a kind haha.

But i saw you writing sometime , that people who say a sandbox , like sandboxie , is 100% malware proof , are no better then norton , spreading wrong information , but some people do not know better or really think it is , but that does not mean they are bad people or something.

And a sandbox , can stop drive by downloads , you said it could not , like sandboxie can stop driveby downloads.

I do not want to offend you or something , but i want to clear this up so that i can use Comodo products again , and feel comfortable using it , im the person , that needs to to like the maker of the products to use it.

If you answer this would be great and then i can use CIS again :stuck_out_tongue: , ty.

I bet someone more knowledgeable could answer your question (mods - maybe move to the right board?).

Anyway, I myself am not sure what will happen if a site exploits the browser, since usually the browser is trusted. What if an exploit made use of that to make the browser do something malicious? I am only spewing thoughts…since I really don’t know.

Any malware executed should be caught by the sandbox or at least D+.

BTW, Why direct your question to Melih? Many others are also active in this community.

100% security doesn’t exist.

I used to give Black Holes (in space)…as an example of a good security where you can put something in it and can never get it back…

but even that is no longer true as even the black holes emit radiation based on whats going in them…

So 100% security…does not exist!

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No, really.
I’m serious.
I really like to “Like” Melih’s post :wink:

If Melih said that Sandboxie isn’t 100% air tight, then technically he is right.
Even the developer of Sandboxie has said it.
Apparently, the 64bit OS is a little more difficult to protect because of the protection
that Windows builds into the OS.
I’m assuming all 3rd party 64bit security solutions are similarly handicapped…including Comodo.

If these “people” claim that anything is 100%, then, as you said, they simply don’t know any better.

In my opinion CIS and SBie are about as close to air tight as you are going to get.

Yes i know , i did not say it was 100% , but it is coming close.

And my thing was , some people don´t know better , but do you hate those people or something haha ?

Norton can indeed spread misinformation , true , but some people like i said do not know better they maybe are having the wrong information.

And my question was towards melih because he is the owner of the company , yea maybe sounds weird (:TNG)

Ty for answering all by the way.