Question to Melih again

I already have asked this question , but i did not had good answer.

Call me crazy haha , but i have to like the maker of the product , or not have issues with it.

I once heard you saying , ‘’ people say a sandbox is 100% bulletproof , those people are no better then Norton spreading false information ‘’

True , nothing is 100%.

But what do you mean with ‘’ they are no better ‘’ ?

You hate them or something or what is it ?

Maybe those people do not know better , or are they informed the wrong way.

Idk but i felt a bit attacked , idk why but , i did.

I never think a sandbox is 100 % safe , but it is 99%.

So can you clear things up maybe , melih , so i can start using Comodo again , instead of Online Armor ?

Just stick with OA…they’re all angels over there.
:a0 :a0 :a0