Question to Comodo Team malware research group-analyze suspicious file

Hello I have a question to you whether the files that are sent by the service in the CIS Submit Suspicious File, after the files, analyze them? and how is it malware signatures are added to the database?

PS I ask is because I sent a file like agent.trojan found by Malwarebytes Antimalware and file with spyware SpywareChease

Hi commander,
Files submitted via CIS interface gets analyzed in due course of time. As number of files submitted by that interface is huge so it can take some time to have those processed in compare to any submission made at forum or malware submitted via mail.

Can you please submit same file on forum as well?


[at] umesh and commander,

Please do not post samples of live or suspected malware on publicly accessible parts of the forum.

If needed, please make contact by PM and work out a means of transferring the file in question.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi commander,
You can post it under following topic:


Providing he’s a member of the Malware Research Group, of course. :wink:

False Positives and Suspicious files can also be sent via:

I’ve noticed that most files sent through this site are added to the database within a day or so. In some case it only takes a few hours.

I know this thread is quite old but I have a question

Does that mean submitting sample/malware from the web interface = faster to added into the database than the CIS interface?

Yes, as many a time pointed out by the Comodo Staff and some Mods, lakhs of files are submitted through CIS interface most of which turns out to be FPs, which requires more time for processing each file. However, files submitted through False Positive forum or web interface or Email are done by members only, which of course is not that huge.