Question regarding VPNs and CIS

I recently watch a video at 6:48 on you tube, its a guy explaining about VPNs.

The part that really matters to me is where he sais, that VPNs create a tunnel and inside, all data is encrypted, then he sais, if a sophisticated hackers are able to penetrated that tunnel.

Now, I suppose he is refering that this kind of hackers do that without having to infect with virus or trojans, the victim computer. Or without even touch any files or registry or nothing in the victim computer.

Ive see that some vpns, have the option to close aplications if vpn connection drops, so you dont reveal your real ip.

So I was wondering, how CIS defend against this types of hackers atacks. Or the only option for this cases is to close application when VPN connections drops. There is not a way to just stop the intrusion and the attack without closing the application? Or do I need a hardware firewall + a software firewall + multiple vpns + multiple sandboxes + and finally Linux?. OMG LOL :smiley: This is getting out of my hands hahahaha, I am just a regular guy not a genius security geek lol. I wish I would.


I would think that CIS would stop it when the malware hits memory or the hard drive. It will be an unknown file and would then get sandboxed.

Hacking in transit VPN traffic is not the easiest route, it depends on an implementation weakness on the client or VPN head-end.
Most of the time a VPN attack takes place on the client side.

Normally a ‘secure’ VPN setup does not allow so called ‘split tunneling’
A split tunnel allows a pc to connect to the tunnel and to the internet at the same time. This allows a trojan to ‘jump’ in to the tunnel and access the corporate network.
If you block split tunneling ALL traffic has to go trough the VPN tunnel and trojan connection to their C&C servers are cut-off (or running trough the VPN tunnel in a bad setup).

WoW, guys, this was a hard one. Some few changes here and there. A lot of tests. Now it seems to work fine.

Thanks guys, for sharing your knowledge with me. Very helpfull. :slight_smile: