Question regarding Sandbox/HIPS and Lazarus.exe


I found something I cannot fix, or I do not understand, or both :slight_smile:

This happens with Lazarus.exe, maybe other applications are affected too, I haven’t tried yet.

I am a Lazarus developer, and trying to start the application after installing CIS 6.2, it always gets blocked, when AutoSandbox is set to ‘Blocked’, which is expected, Lazarus.exe is then listed in the unknown files pending classification. I can move it to trusted files then as often as I want to, I checked, and Lazarus.exe is listed there, but no effect, it always gets blocked again and listed as unknown file when trying to launch it.

Now setting AutoSandbox to ‘Untrusted’ gives me a new dialog when starting Lazarus, where I can trust the application, and then it is working.

Why is this? Maybe I do not understand the difference between ‘blocked’ and ‘untrusted’.

If Autosandbox is set to ‘blocked’, getting into the menu where the files are waiting for classification, and moving them to the trusted files, should do the trick, or am I wrong?