Question regarding Network Driver

Hi guys.I’m using CIS Free(Premium) on XP SP3.In previous versions there was a network driver in list of drivers
in connection propherties but i dont see in this version.
My Q. is do u see installed cis driver on network connection?
and if not what is the benefits of a firewall with installed driver like other products such as KIS and etc…

For sure it’s there…

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I mean this section:

I dont see any installed driver.
Are u sure?
I also searched the net and found that this kind of driver called NDIS driver
Anyway i dont see any NDIS driver installed on any network adapter.
Can anyone help plz???

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Which was your old firewall, before CIS?
Seems that CIS is not being corrected installed in your system. In some cases, this is due to non-well removed old firewalls.

I just installed on a fresh installed windows.
I wonder if its not installed correctly why the firewall work fine???!!!

As far as i remember, Comodo monitors NDIS protocol, but does not install a virtual NDIS driver since version 2.x.

Some other firewalls do (e.g. Kapsersky, Outpost…) and altough this feature is said to be a security must (nothing is supposed to be able to transit via a monitored NDIS miniport), these drivers are the most source of trouble when concurrently installing one of the said products with another one, and even sometimes when installing them standalone, due to the interaction of such drivers with some hardware configurations (routers, some NIC or motherboard chipset brands and models…): BSOD guarantee…

My guess is what u said Brucine.But i want to be sure this is not because of bad installation or some reasons else that may cause security issue.
I’m going to install it on another windows xp and seven to make sure myself.
But i expect that Comodo explains the specificiation of products in details like what Kaspersky does(in KB articles).For example like this:

I searched the user manuals and other guids and found nothing.
Also about what u said ragarding the version 2.x ,I remember that version 3.x had NDIS driver too (if i dont mistake).

I remember that version 3.x had NDIS driver too (if i dont mistake).

Niet nitchevo.

I am running cis 3 and i don’t have any.

This is new for me. I’ve thought it was impossible to run a firewall without such driver.

CIS 3 (no av) installs 3 drivers: cmdguard, cmdhelp, inspect.sys.

But it does not install in the NIC properties a proprietary NDIS miniport virtual driver, like Kaspersy, Outpost (and Bitdefender?) do.

It nevertheless monitors NDIS protocols both through the firewall (optionnally monitoring NDIS protocols other than TCP/IP, an option not to be avdocated, and probably not concerning the NIC TCP/IP item) and through defense+ (My Protected Files, default 3rd party prtotocol drivers).

Does NDIS driver increase accuracy of monitoring and filtering packets?Or increase the security level?

It is of course said so by editors using such a feature, e.g. kaspersky:

Including a link for NDIS filter reference at:

As i said before, i have no hint about the validity of such assertions (but i definitely have personnal BSOD experience from softwares installing such drivers…).

Thanks for the explanation brucine.

Thanks Brucine.

Just came across this thread because I too was puzzled as to why no NDIS virtual miniport driver was part of CIS firewall. The carnage described by Brucine may well have been a feature of Comodo’s implementation of NDIS but I have not come across any such problems with other vendors products. (Of course I haven’t used every other vendor’s product.)

I don’t remember the (very common) hardware responsible of such situations (excepting of course some modems and routers, and the NDIS conflicts between security softwares themselves).

If memory serves, some VIA chipsets are enough, the subject is well documented googling “NDIS IRQ less or equal” or something similar.