Question regarding Firewall Task "Stealth Ports"

I am using Proactive Configuration, after pressing the “Stealth Ports” button, I have now this Global Configuration rules

Question 1: Is it normal? I’ve read in the help file that the last rule is the one that should only be added, but the moment I pressed the “Stealth Ports” button, it also added the other three allow rules and remove the default in Proactive

Question 2: Can I remove the two allow rules that allow traffic in?

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No need to press the Stealth Port for configuration Proactive.
You can change them.
Here is an example Proactive one computer (not connected with the work of the network)

IGMP - it is not included.

it is Proactive CIS 5.xx

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Your Global Rules are the rules you’d expect when you set the firewall to stealth settings.

You want to allow incoming traffic. When using the stealth rules you need to make one or more rules to allow incoming traffic.

But may be you want to return to the old settings where you will get alerted for incoming traffic . In that case run the Stealth Ports Wizard to “Alert incoming connections”.