Question regarding Firewall Activity and Updates

I recently installed Comodo Firewall (just the firewall, not CIS), and I have some questions -

Firstly, it seems to me as if the firewall isn’t really doing much, as when I go to the ‘view logs’ portion, there’s nothing much there. It says there have been 8 unknwon programs blocked, and then 0 suspicious activities, 0 network activities, and 0 infections prevented. The chart shwoing the breakdown has Defense+ events at 100% and everything else at 0. Is this normal or am I possibly hacked and everything is going through?

Secondly, the firewall, from time to time, will randomly pop up and go to the update screen even though I don’t initiate it. The firewall itself is up-to-date (i have the latest version of V6), but i’ve configured the automatic check to happen once a day. The problem is that it happens 4-5 tiems a day, really perplexed by this.

I would appreciate any help on these matters. Also, if I’ve configured the firewall according to the settings posted by one of the users here (i think the guide was on, does that mean I’m secure? Thanks.

Another thing. After Comodo randomly started the update check again, I closed it, and then it immediately started a system scan (the one under “general tasks”). I don’t see why it’s doing it by itself.

With only the firewall installed, the only scan that Comodo should be doing is a File Reputation Scan (building and check the status of the files on your system [Trusted / Unknown]) for use with the Firewall / Defense+ / BB routines).