Question regarding Comodo Dragon/Chromodo

I apologize if this has been discussed already, but I have a pressing question regarding Comodo Dragon.

Comodo Dragon is based on the Chromium project, which also serves as the base for Google Chrome. As such, Chromium contains many Google-powered features, such as translation and omnibox searching using Google’s search engine. This creates a window through which Google can track browsing activity to some extent.

Being a browser designed specifically for the purpose of privacy and security, what has been done with Comodo Dragon/Chromodo to safeguard against any potential privacy issues caused by Google’s involvement in the Chromium project, if any? Perhaps I’m entirely mistaken and there is no such risk existing within Chromium. However, the Epic Privacy Browser as some may have heard of, claims to have removed any Google features from within their Chromium-based browser as a privacy measure. Has any similar thing been done with Comodo Dragon and/or Chromodo, and if so, what?

Another question I have is regarding any difference between Comodo Dragon and Chromodo. Are they any different?

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