Question Regarding Cloud

Hello Comodo Team.

I’ve two malware samples that I have downloaded to my test computer for come fun. I am confused as to how Comodo’s Cloud scanning; ie CIMA, plays into effect while doing manual scans.

I have my Configuration set to Proactive Security, and have enabled Cloud Scanning on manual scans. The AV has not picked up any of the malware samples when right clicked manual scanned with heuristics set to high. When I upload the samples to CIMA I get the following back:


Is the Cloud Scanning aspect supposed to report back to me with these findings when right clicked scanned or does the Cloud Scanner only work when I actually try to activate the malware?

There are 2 diffrent clouds.
1.With behavior blocker(you must run this file>>>it goes into unrecognized files>>>goes to cloud and analyse)
2.AV cloud

Rock on, so there will be I guess no behavioral blocker on something being simply scanned for detection.

Are there any plans for an advanced scan behavior blocker on manually scanned items such as these in the future before execution with CIMA or does this approach produce too many false positives in order to be considered a viable option?