Question regarding Automatic Submission


I was reading through the help file today and I noticed this:

Automatically submit the files in the submission queue to Comodo - Executable files that are unrecognized by Defense+ (not in the internal safelist) are automatically queued for submission to Comodo Digital Trust for analysis (see ‘My Pending Files’ for more details on submitting files). Leaving this option selected makes all queued files to be submitted immediately.

Does this mean whenever I get an .exe on my pc that isn’t recognised by Comodo, it takes a copy and sends it to their server? Here in Australia ALL of our internet usage is metered. That means that for every file Comodo uploads without me knowing, I lose some of my download allowance for that month.

Under what circumstances will a file be submitted to Comodo? Will I get a prompt or anything to alert me first? Where can I view the list of files to be submitted?

I’d like to know because I can’t afford to have Comodo using up my bandwidth to send large .exe’s if it hasn’t seen them before.

Also, is there any downside to unticking this box? I’ve got it unticked now, and I’d like to know if this changes anything else (Ie, how if you don’t sign up to submit to threatcast you don’t recieve the info)