Question on V. Options when virus detected

Hi all, I recently made another post about a false positive being detected by CAVS (I think). However, I have a problem with the On Access Scanner, or maybe it’s just me. When a file is detected that CAVS thinks is a virus it doesn’t give me any options of what to do with it. In the settings menu of CAVS I only see try to disinfect first, if it can’t disinfect then quarantine, and finally, deny access to the file. In most other antivirus software I’ve used when a virus is detected there are options the user can choose as soon as it is detected rather than having to choose a specific setting… for instance… let’s say nsprocess.dll was found a virus by CAVS (it is by the way) I was expecting an option like:

Ignore it (in case it is a false positive which it also is I believe)

Quarantine It

Disinfect it.

Is there somewhere in CAVS that I’m missing where I can enable this. In otherwords, rather than have to choose what to do when the on access scanner detects a virus before it detects a virus I would like to choose when it detects a virus. In case of a false positive like this one, if quarantine is checked it and the file can’t be disinfected CAVS quarantines it and that’s the end of the story. If it is unchecked it informs me of the virus and that’s the end of it there. Essentially, I’d like an option when it finds it instead of having to choose before because it is somewhat inconvenient when a false positive is detected and the quarantine option is checked to go in there and take it out of qaurantine, then uncheck the quarantine box, then redownload the file all over again.

I hope this makes sense to all of you out there, and that I explained myself well enough. This isn’t a big deal at all and really not even that much of an inconvenience compared with the power and benefits of Comodo. I’d just like to know if there is any option out there for that…