Question on startup services

I have some startup services that are set to manual but start up most of the time. Should i change these services to automatic. Does it take XP longer to start a service if it set to manual rather than automatic? The reason i would think so is that manual services start when a computer asks for it; so doesn’t that mean it would take longer for xp to understand that a service is being requested instead of just starting it up every startup.

I’m not sure, but I’m quite positive that Automatic is the way to go.


If it’s set to manual, don’t change it. It’ll slow down your boot time, and decrease the amount of free RAM.
They’re only meant to run in certain situations (like HTTP SSL only needs to run when browsing SSL-encrypted websites), and when they’re no longer needed, they’ll be stopped.


I would say, the more often they start (from Manual mode), the more reason to set them to Automatic. I was thinking that services that start really often (from Manual) could just as well be on Automatic. But yes, if they only start once in a while, Manual should be best. Anyway I guess the default setting is the best.


This should answer everything.

Thanks a lot all of you guys!

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