question on settings

if firewall is installed the default settings at the time of installation is optimum settings. if cis is installed than due to cav the settings are different. like in optimum settings image execution is normal while in cis settings image execution is disabled. few changes in defence plus - monitor settings too. like more things selected in monitor settings in optimum settings while few things selected in monitor settings in cis settings. so can i have comodo internet security settings enabled and avira antivirus free instead of comodo antivirus.


Hello Narin;

To Verify That We Are On The Same Page;
You are wanting avira AV to be your primary Antivirus correct?
If so You can disable Comodo’s AV or Uninstall it
To Disable; Open CIS > Antivirus > Settings > Move the bar all the way down (This disables it: Updates for the AV May Be Still Enabled)
To Uninstall; Start > All Programs/Programs > Comodo > Internet Security > Add/Remove > Then Select Which Component You Wish To Keep

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