Question on settings - HIPS

So I am reading some of the guides for version 10 and I came across one I am not sure about. In Advanced settings > HIPS > HIPS Settings I was looking at the “Monitor settings” and notice that Computer Monitor and Keyboard are unchecked. I verified on Windows 7 machines, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 machines.

Now some of these guides seem outdated or related to older Comodo versions, but here is one that was a link under the version 10 setup guides

In here it says that those two should be defaulted to Checked

Was there a problem in past versions when these were checked and now these are defaulted to “Unchecked”?

Hi - They’re checked in mine, but I am using Proactive Config. Is that the same as yours?

The help documentation I think is based on the Internet configuration and you’re using the firewall configuration.

@Ploget - mine is set to Comodo - Firewall Security - Active

@futuretech - So in Firewall configuration these are unchecked?

Yes, why I don’t know but for increased protection you should switch to proactive and customize it from there.