Question on installing CIS 6

When it’s done installing (after 99% and then the windows goes away) should it give a restart alert or do nothing?
Cause mine does nothing after the install window is gone so i’m wondering is it installing correctly?

The reason I ask is due to my Dragon issue starting @ reply #370

After installing it CIS should automatically start a quick scan. Once that is completed, after closing the scan window, CIS should pop up and ask you to reboot your computer.

Did yours start a quick scan?

On what OS are you? On XP you will be asked to reboot first before it will update the AV and run the initial scan.

It did nothing after it closed, I waited 10 min and still nothing so is that a bug?
no quick scan or alert to reboot
I’m on win 7 x86
I even ran it as admin the second time and once the install window closes nothing else happens

I think that this is either a bug or an installation problem.

Please try reinstalling it by following the advice on this page and see if it works correctly. If not then I think it may be worth making a bug report for this.

This was on a fresh install of windows no security was installed prior to CIS

Please try reinstalling it by following the advice in that post. It’s possible that what happened is that for whatever reason CIS did not install correctly.

If after following that advice, and reinstalling it, the same problem appears then please report this as a bug.


Alrighty Thanks