question on containment

i’m running the comodo firewall. i have 37 unrecognized files. so if my understanding is correct, they will be auto contained but operational. so it seemed to me that i should then see these 37 files in the “contained apps” section too. is that correct? or is the contained apps (circled in pic) only for apps i initiate in the sandbox?

okay, i think i’m beginning to understand. when i select one of those unrecognized files, and click: “lookup”, it gives me a window that says it is trusted. so i presume a trusted file will not be contained. i looked up the file on virustotal, and it said it wasn’t digitally signed, but that it was microsoft. i wonder what the criteria is for the file to be trusted if it is unrecognized?

i think i understand the criteria. under advanced settings, under file rating, there is a check box selected that says, “trust files installed by trusted installer”. so those files must have been installed by a trusted installer, so although they are unrecognized, they are trusted. :slight_smile: