Question on Comodo firewall 3.0

i was just wondering.

Does Comodo firewall have protect you against IP attacks?

Also these features that Outpost plugins?

Your asking if v3 can use Outpost plugins, or if v3 will have their own plugins?

I know Comodo wont be able to use Outpost pluging. What i mean is if Comodo firewall 3.0 will have the same features the plugins give to outpost? and also if Comodo 3.0 will have plugins as well?

There has been no indication of v3 implementing plugins, although there is a poll thread devoted to it:,6216.0.html , but you already know.

Also, Melih thinks it’s a nice idea:,8035.msg58712.html#msg58712

I don’t think that, as Soya wrote, nothing have beeen said about plugins in v3.0, but I am sure we will see plugins in later versions. Maybe v3.1…v3.5…or v4.0! :slight_smile:

sadly if we have to wait for 4.0 that would mean to wait till next yr.

now if we have to wait for 3.1 that wont be that long after 3.0 is released right?

Also does 3.0 protect against ip attacks already like many firewalls i believe do?