Question on CIS Update


Recently, I updated my Comodo Internet Security to the latest version using its updater.
Since it would take a quite long time for the download to complete using my ■■■■■■ internet connection, I decided to leave it to have lunch.

When I came back, it seemed that the updater had turned CIS off since the CIS icon tray is gone but Windows Security Center still said that CIS is active.

So, my question is: does CIS really got turned off, leaving my computer unprotected while connected to the internet, during the installation part of the update process, or is it actually protecting me eventhough its icon is gone (as what Windows Security Center said)?

I am just concerned that my computer might have been attacked if CIS really got turned off during that period, since I think that the icon has been gone for quite a while before I came back :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Thanks in advance…

The icon is linked only to the interface program. It is no problem if that is closed. The two processes “under water” will still do their job.

I have never heard, but I never checked, that your computer is unprotected when using the program updater.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

So, did you mean eventhough the updater makes the icon gone, Comodo protective processes are still active?
By the way, after the update, the updater asked me to restart my computer, and after I restarted the icon re-appeared.
Before I restarted, the icon did not re-appear. I did not do anything during this period though, just left my computer connected to the internet. That’s another thing why I’m afraid.

One more thing (just to completely convince myself ;D ), as most updater do, doesn’t Comodo updater need to close Comodo processes before updating those processes’ files?

Welcome to the Forum, OhNoes.

You are quite correct, software does indeed require termination before it can be updated. This would explain the loss of the icon during the update process (I never actually took note of mine, just updated and restarted).

Referring to the first question, the icon is simply for the user interface (display information and change settings). The programs that actually do the protecting are hidden away and are actively protecting your system even though the icon is gone or you terminate the user interface. (You will always be protected with CIS. :slight_smile: )

Great to hear that Comodo didn’t leave me unprotected ;D

Thank you very much, people :wink: