Question here I just installed Comodo Firewall

I’m a new user of Comodo Firewall and I have some questions

In application Control Rule, What happens if I put checks on “Allow invisible connection attempts”

and “Skip advanced security checks” ??

Is it risky if I put checks on the followings? and this application is a game

And also, when I run certain games, I keep getting pop up (alert) messages. I put a check

on “Remember my answer for this application” and click Allow. Then I get the same message again

when I run the games. How do you stop this??? Should I just turn off the Application Monitor ??

Is it safe to turn off the Application Monitor even if I do not download anything??

Thank you all for the replies


You have already posted this exact post earlier, I moved it to a more appropriate category (if you scroll down on the board a little bit, you will see).

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I am going to go ahead and close this thread since it was already posted before.