Question here I just installed Comodo Firewall

I’m a new user of Comodo Firewall and I have some questions

In application Control Rule, What happens if I put checks on “Allow invisible connection attempts”

and “Skip advanced security checks” ??

Is it risky if I put checks on the followings? and this application is a game

And also, when I run certain games, I keep getting pop up (alert) messages. I put a check

on “Remember my answer for this application” and click Allow. Then I get the same message again

when I run the games. How do you stop this??? Should I just turn off the Application Monitor ??

Is it safe to turn off the Application Monitor even if I do not download anything?? (L)

Greetings, sspssp, and welcome to the forums!

I know that with some applications, in order to resolve connection issues, it is necessary to have one or both of those options checked. The Invisible connections part allows it to connect to/access the internet without you being aware of it (in other words, no prompts for its activity). The Skip advanced checks disables the Application Behavior Analysis (Security/Advanced) for this application only.

To answer your question, sure, it increases the risk factor for that application. But that’s better than allowing all communication, or disabling things across the board. As I said, sometimes it’s necessary to enable the performance you need.

For the popups during games issue, you can always turn your Alert Frequency down to Low (Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous), click OK, and reboot. CFP’s “gameability” factor is one that has been discussed before; I haven’t followed it too closely, because I’m not a gamer, but I know that’s something they want to address.

There may be specific rules (either Application, or Network) that you need, in order to give a game the access it needs. There’s some info here:,5099.0.html

I wouldn’t advise turning off the Application Monitor, as it obviously decreases security. IMO, there’s bound to be a better solution.

Hope that helps,